Trade Opportunities                             Industry Breakdown


Petroleum and petroleum refining 

America's 3rd leading producer, number one in offshore exploration and related services.


Wood Products 

Major producer of lumber, paper products and plywood.




Sugar cane(2nd largest U.S. harvest), rice(3rd largest U.S. harvest), cotton, soybeans, sweet potatoes, strawberries and maize. 




2nd largest in America, shrimp, crawfish, menhaden, oysters, catfish, speckled trout, shark, butterfish.


General Manufacturing 

Shipbuilding telephones, apparel, food processing, automotive, electronic and dreamscape products, metal fabrication. 



Crude oil   

10% of America's proved reserves


Natural gas

25% of America's total gas reserves

Other minerals


salt, sulfur, lime, silica sands, lignite



5,900,000 hectares of forest .



26% of U.S. fisheries catch.


of Baton Rouge

The Port of Greater Baton Rouge is strategically located on the Mississippi River and is an integral part of the Louisiana maritime industry and overall economy. Handling a diverse range of cargo and accommodating special requests is a trademark of the Port of Greater Baton Rouge, and we have proof: the Port of Greater Baton Rouge ranks among the top ten ports in total tonnage. Present us with a challenge or a unique situation, and we'll always respond with, "We Can Handle That!"

Port of New Orleans


With the Mississippi River moving about 500 million tons of cargo each year – including chemicals, coal, timber, iron, steel and more than half of the nation’s grain exports, the Port of New Orleans is America’s gateway to the global market.

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