Formosa Group

Shaw Environmental and  Infrastructure Inc. (Shaw E & I) is one of Shaw Group's subsidiaries. The company came to our office requesting assistance for locating partners in Taiwan for pursuing environmental protection business opportunities.  

provided the following services to Shaw E & I:

1.   Made an industry analysis

2.   Provided Shaw E & I with information about the  business opportunities in Taiwan.

3.   Arranged meetings and appointments for their 
company's visit to Taiwan.

4.    Provided advice and strategy plans for  
reference when the company was selecting  partners.

5.  Accompanied their company's 
     representatives to visit prospective partners  
     in Taiwan.  






Through the assistance of our office Tempico was able to successfully communicate and establish a relationship with a distributor in Taiwan.

Our office worked with Louisiana Tech University to commercialize their patented technologies via the following services:

1. Provided an industry analysis of the Taiwan
    venture capital industry.

Provided suggestions and a strategy plan.


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