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Steve with AIT Director William Stanton at the AmCham Ball





 The State of Louisiana Trade office, based in the World Trade Center in Taipei, Taiwan offers current information, support and services to Louisiana (LA) and Taiwanese companies that wish to cooperate in business ventures in addition to promoting LA tourism and educational institutions.

LAATO team members participating in the 2008 AmCham ball

Steve Lee has been the office director for the past 19 years. In addition to acting as the office director he also acts as a business consultant for US-China Energy and Environmental Technology Center of Tulane University.

Office Operations


1. Act as a bridge between LA and Taiwan   
(Southeast Asia) in the  promotion of bilateral  
economic and  trade relations.

2. To improve the flow of communication between 
the LA governent and Taiwanese 

3. To provide advice and information regarding
business, education,law, and trade opportunities for
potential Taiwanese investors


4. To provide information about the United 
States and neighboring countries' economic 
development of industrial and commercial 
sectors.  In particular, the economic
development of the United States, Canada,
and Mexico after the North American
Free Trade Agreement was signed,
and trade agreements on world trade and
the economic impact of the data.

5. To assist Taiwanese manufacturers to find
joint ventures, investment industries or partners
based in LA.

6. To assist the government and business 
executives to provide domestic enterprises,  
group and business itineraries.The content can
fully meet the needs of industry. 

7. Provide introductions for corporations to local 
economic and trade authorities. Corporations
can receive commercial information by 
contacting  the economic and trade authorities.

8. According to the companies' local development
possibilities, to provide services such as 
doing research, counseling, and related
assistance, and introducing local business
leaders and customers.

9. Provide information about industry and market
incentives and an analysis of the economic and
trade environment.




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